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10th to 11th June 2015, Pie?ťany Slovakia
Date: 10 Jun’15

On Health spas - an important factor in development of region and in improvement of health of population

The V4 countries belong to the European spa countries and they possess large number of natural healing resources. The potential of the spa industry affects a population health status as well as quality of life and also significantly affects development of the region where spa resorts are located. Medical spas are part of the health system and at the same time most important exporter of health tourism. How is this natural potential used? Are our natural resources well protected? What are the current trends in the V4 countries? Is our nature able to heal people more efficiently even today?

The conference was held under the auspices of the Minister of Health in Slovak Republic, Viliam Čislák, MD, MPH, MBA and under the auspices of the Minister of Health in Czech Republic, Svatopluk Němeček, MD, MBA.

Participation of National Spa Associations:

Slovakia – Janka Zálešáková, MD, President of the Association of Slovak Spas

Czech Republic – Eduard Bláha MD, President of the Czech Spa Association

Poland – Dr. Jan Golba, President and Wojciech Fułek, Vice-president of the Association of Polish Spa Communities

Hungary - István Fluck, MD, Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Hungarian Spa and Baths Association


Topic I. Current state and status of medical spas in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary

Topic II. Natural healing resources - their use and protection

Topic III. The potential of spa care in a state health care system

Topic IV. Panel discussion:  Legislation related to spa business in the V4 countries

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