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Romanian Market and Conference for Balneal and Spa Tourism

Baile Tusnad (Romania), 21 September
Date: 21 Sep’17

The event was at its 13rd edition visited by numerous specialists, officials, travel agencies and guests; some of them attended the event in order to present their programs and potential or other to debate on very stringent subjects as: relations between private companies in the sector and the local authorities; it were some majors from different spa resorts from Romania and, in order to make an exchange of information and experience, the major of Heviz, Hungary. Another subject was dedicated to activity of clusters and how can they help to promote and develop the balneal tourism and the spa resorts; similar, guests from Hungary and Romania presented their experience; the third important subject was dedicated to training of the personnel; it is a very actual problem for most of the companies and examples from other countries or sectors could be used in tourism too.

As honorable guests, was invited Mr. Thierry Dubois, the president of ESPA, who presented some information about the European spa tourism and about the experience of France in this sector; he visited by this occasion some other spa resorts too and was impressed by the level and quality of infrastructure and of the entire potential of spar resorts. He appreciated that the hotels have similar standards with hotels in other countries and hope that travel agencies fro, abroad will be interested in packages in Romania in the future; Similar, Mr. Dubois expressed his opinion that the event could be at European level, as an alternative for this part of Europe. By this occasion, Mr. Dubois offered a Diploma to Mr. Nicu Radulescu, president of the Romanian Spa Organization for its implication in promoting the balneal and spa tourism. He visited also the salt cave from Turda, one of the most interesting salt cave from Europe, developed by an European project and which can offer opportunities for treatment and relaxation and entertainment and could be a good destination for health holidays for tourists from different countries.

Another important event for the sector, was the seminar held by the occasion of the Romanian tourism Fair in Bucharest, mid of November; it was organized also from the Romanian Spa Organization - OPTBR; it has a similar main theme, relations with the local authorities, as a necessity to develop the resorts, to have a better promotion and to improve a closer cooperation between authorities and the private sector.

The autumn edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair created a good opportunities for travel agencies, hotels, associations, official bodies to present their potential and programs; about 20 different spas were present at the Fair, with packages for the next year.

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