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Ms. Siyka Katsarova

Siyka Katsarova, new president of BUBSPA

(Bulgarian Union of Balneology and SPA Tourism) - Bulgaria
Date: 2 May’18

ESPA member, Bulgaria - BUBSPA board has elected his new president on 27th March 2018. We are very pleased to congratulate our long-time ESPA Vice-President, and member of the Managing Board, Ms. Siyka Katsarova for her great approval and to her full support in the National Association.

Ms. Katsarova is a founding member (2006) of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa tourism. She is also a very active member of the ESPA managing board and with this function she represented BUBSPA very successfully at International level.

She has been active in health tourism for more than twenty years. Ten years ago she expanded her business activities in medical tourism not only in Bulgaria, but also in many European markets. Through her election, as Presidents of BUBSPA, she will be a strong partner to develop ESPA. Also as a founder of the ESPA Innovation Awards she will continue her strong commitment promoting Quality and Innovation in the European Spa & Health Resorts sector, bringing more and more international reputation.

ESPA members wish to Mrs Siyka. Katsarova a big success!

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