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EU Crossborder Healthcare

EU citizens have the right to access healthcare in any EU country and to be reimbursed for care abroad by their home country.


EU citizens have the right to access healthcare in any EU country and to be reimbursed for care abroad by their home country.
Directive 2011/24/EU on patients? rights in cross-border healthcare sets out the conditions under which a patient may travel to another EU country to receive medical care and reimbursement. It covers healthcare costs, as well as the prescription and delivery of medications and medical devices.


With health policies and systems increasingly interconnected, the Directive makes it easier to access:

  • Information on available healthcare in other European countries.
  • Alternative healthcare options, and/or specialised treatment abroad. The provisions strike the right balance between maintaining the sustainability of health systems, while protecting patients' right to seek treatment outside their home country.
  • Creates a network of National Contact Points to provide clear, accurate information on cross-border healthcare.
  • Creates EU rules on a minimum list of elements to be included in a medical prescription taken from one EU country to another (cross-border prescription).
  • Encourages further development of European Reference Networks of medical expertise, broadening cooperation between EU countries, with added benefits to health technology assessments and e-health.


The terms and conditions which apply both to the healthcare you will receive, and any reimbursement to which you are entitled

Your rights in accessing healthcare in another EU country
The National Contact Point in your country

The quality and safety of the treatment

Complaints procedures in case something goes wrong.


Balneotherapy in many European countries has a long spa tradition and it is an integral part of the health care system.

Balneotherapy is provided only in spa facilities with medical background that are recognized by the state authorities. As such it is part of the health care system and has to abide by strict regulations.

The local natural healing resources (natural healing water, peloids, gases, climatic conditions) have always been subject to scientific research. Based on the knowledge of scientists and medical doctors, the treatments of particular diseases have been observed, approved and recommended.

Download the e-brochure "Balneotherapy Care in Spas and Health Resorts in Europe" to learn more about Balneotherapy (Spa Therapy) in Europe.

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