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Symposium: The future of coastal lifestyles


Invitation Symposium: “The future of coastal lifestyles”

On Thursday, 30th of January 2014, Scaldis Academy (part of the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen) is organising the symposium “The future of coastal lifestyles”. Within this symposium third year students (from the HZ university of Applied Sciences and exchange students) will be presenting the outcomes of the research projects they have conducted in the minor “lifestyles at the coast”. 

Besides the student presentations, two keynote speakers will expand on the topic “the future of coastal lifestyles” from their own experience and research.

The purpose of this symposium is to share knowledge gained from research within the workfield, education (lecturers and students) and researchers who have an interest in the topic of the symposium. We hope to initiate lively discussions about the relevance of the research for different stakeholders at the coast.

If you want to join this interesting symposium, we ask you to save this date in your calendar. You can attend this symposium for free. In the beginning of January you will receive the final programme.


Symposium “The future of coastal lifestyles”

Thursday, 30th of January 2014

12.30 hour - 17.30 hour

HZ University of Applied Sciences


We hope to see you on the 30th of January! For more information, you can contact Kim Provoost:

Kind regards,

Team minor Lifestyle at the Coast

Scaldis Academy

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