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2nd European Health Prevention Day

Wiesbaden (Germany), November 21, 22

Despite the development of new pharmaceutical as well as the constant improvement of diagnostics and treatment options, it will be increasingly difficult to achieve universal healthcare coverage of the same level for all concerned. The classical health system leads to a dead end. Against the background of a looming explosion of health costs, HEALTH PREVENTION is therefore becoming increasingly important.

An important part of health prevention is the health travel. These include stays in clinics or hotels that use so-called "natural local remedies" such as thermal water, peat or climate for healing purposes. These centuries-old traditions are a classic holistic approach to therapy. The human being as a whole is considered and treated.

From November 21 to 22, 2018, approx. 100 experts (health insurance companies, associations, scientists, etc.) will be discussing options for strengthening health travels based on natural local remedies as part of the Wiesbaden European Health Prevention Days under the title "Health Prevention with Nature". The event is organised by the international expert group "Quality in Health Prevention e.V.".

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