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Romanian Market and Workshop for Balneal Tourism

Romanian Market and Workshop for Balneal Tourism

The Romanian MARKET and WORKSHOP for BALNEAL TOURISM is the single event specialized on balneal tourism in Romania; this year, the 12. edition, will be held, in Calimanesti-Caciulata, Cozia Hotel, between 24th -27th Sept. 2016. The event is itinerant, each year in another spa-resort, offering the opportunity to present their potential and infrastructure. The event is organized under the High Patronage of the president of the Romanian National Tourism Authority the official body for tourism.
Date: 13 Oct’16



- each year representatives of the World Tourism Organization, ESPA, from national association  from Austria, Germany, Poland,  Italy, Turkey,  Spain, Hungary, etc. honored the event and present important subject
- participants :   balneal companies, travel agents, specialists, media representants, etc. 
- the event has two parts  :
-  an exhibition of  hotel and spa-center owners and companies, travel agencies, distributors of equipment and technology for balneal tourism and related activities, tourism schools, etc.
-  an workshop, where personalities and specialists from Romania and different European countries are presenting last information about hot subjects of common interest 

- the main themes for the 2016 edition  are: legislation in the field in Romania and other countries, introducing the DMO concept, success tourism brands of other European countries , necessity of international standards, professional qualification,  opportunities  of spa and wellness sector, the role of cooperation between travel agencies and spa owners,  etc.; debates are following 

- representatives  of the local authorities are invited too, in order to make an exchange of information 

- the second day (23.9.)  is dedicated  to discussions between hotel and spa managers and travel agencies, as main partners for the sector
- a large program of visiting the hotel, spa centers and aqua parks s in the Calimanesti-Caciulata resort and in the area is also prepared.


                                                       Welcome to Calimanesti-Caciulata, Romania!

Source: OPTBR
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