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Medical spas and wellness spas in the Visegrad spac

Health tourism in the Visegrad countries
Date: 19 Feb’15

Tourism is a sector reaching over state borders. The Visegrad space should be perceived

as one region by tourists, especially by visitors from remote countries. So there is a great

possibility that visitors would be interested in the Visegrad space as a whole. Medical spas play an important role and have a long historical tradition in all Visegrad countries. The importance of this sector is increasing, especially due to promotion of a healthy lifestyle and with ageing of European population. Our goal is to support the Visegrad cooperation in the medical spas and wellness sector with medical background.

A multilingual database of medical spas and wellness facilities is available on a free online portal in English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak.

The concept of the database is based on a unified presentation of single recognized spas and wellness spas in all Visegrad countries, with a possibility of comparing single facilities and finding information using different criteria. Balneotherapy (spa therapy) has a long tradition in all Visegrad countries and it is an integral part of the healthcare system. Spas have historically originated in the areas with occurrence of local natural healing resources (natural mineral and thermal waters, gases, peloids and climatic conditions suitable for treatment). These factors still remain essential conditions for recognition of a medical spa these days. Balneotherapy, as a part of the healthcare system, is provided only in spa facilities recognized by the state authority.  Balneotherapy as a part of the healthcare system Balneotherapy (spa therapy) programs are established by medical doctors on the basis of the patient’s medical examination and assessment. The quality of balneotherapy is based on quality of local natural healing resources and knowledge of health professionals (medical doctors, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, nutritional therapists, psychologists…). Positive factors such as a high air quality, protected spa areas with high demand on quality of environmental conditions and attractive surroundings, make the medical spas and wellness facilities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia favorite destinations of the health tourism.

Resource: Association of Slovak Spas

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