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5th Annual Congress of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism (BUBSPA)

Gotsen Delchev and Garmen Municipalities (Bulgaria), September 26-27
Date: 22 Oct’18

Csilla Mezosi presented the projects and activities that are currently being implemented by the European Spas Association, and Joao Pinto Barbosa, introduced the ESPA Epidemiologic Survey on Balneotheray to the more than 100 participants to the conference.

ESPA has been present in Bulgaria, Gotsen Delchev and Garmen, at the 5th Congress of BUBSPA, with the presence of Mrs. Irena Georgieva, Deputy Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria, Siyka Katsarova, President of BUBSPA and Vice-President of ESPA, Thierry Dubois, President of ESPA, Csilla Mezosi, Secretary-General and Joao Pinto Barbosa, Head of Executive Committee.


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