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Destination Brand 2018

Registration is open until September 15.
Date: 17 Jul’18

DESTINATION BRAND is a study series in a 3-year-cycle with an annually changing research focus (1st year: brand value, 2nd year: theme competence and 3rd year: profiles / images). These three single studies build on each other, form a unit and destination managers get a holistic picture of the customer-oriented external image of their destination.


Participation options for ESPA-members - evaluation is "SPA / HEALTH tourism-oriented"

By participating in this year´s DESTINATION BRAND ESPA-members can thus gain representative data about their brand value: based on the brand-funnel approach: awareness (aided / unaided), likeability, willingness to visit in the future, visitation in the past and the theme competence: based on a three-dimensional competitor analysis, evaluation of the

  1. general interest in different holiday activities (more than 40 will be tested – SPA / HEALTH tourism-oriented holiday activities are included);
  2. the perceived core competences in terms of attributed holiday activities (= aided / unaided theme suitability – also SPA / HEALTH tourism-oriented) of each participating destination based on 10 holiday activities of which 5 are fix for all participating destinations and 5 can be individually selected
  3. the competitive environment: Benchmark with all participating ESPA and non-ESPA destinations per holiday activity (the 10 holiday activities in total) to get to know with which “themes” the destination competes best in the analyzed source markets.

in Austria, China, the Netherlands, Switzerland as well as Germany

Beside the univariate results for each participating destination the study results would also include socio-demographic, target group and competitor analyses (benchmarks) between all participants.

Note: The evaluation can be realised for each ESPA-member (each SPA-town / place) or on a national level as "SPA destination Hungary", "SPA destination France", etc.

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