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Ms. Csilla Mezősi

Introducing ESPA new Secretary-General

Ms Csilla Mezősi is the newly elected Secretary General of the European Spas Association
Date: 10 Jan’18

She started working at the head office in Brussels on the first of January 2018. Since 2000 she has been involved in the activities of ESPA. By 2012 she became a member of the Board, representing Hungary.

Ms. Csilla Mezősi has often been invited to speak at conferences organized by ESPA. During her career Csilla Mezősi has been involved in strategic project management on behalf of urban and national government administrations to develop projects in the Health Tourism sector. She worked more than 15 years in the German tourism industry and 4 years in the Swiss tourism industry focusing on tourism abroad.

Ms. Mezösi has a broad experience ranging from B2B and B2C sales activities to international PR, event organization, management consultancy, Spa development, cross marketing companies and medical tourism promotion. She also developed contacts between providers and health insurances.

We are confident that Ms Csilla Mezosi will be a valuable asset for the European Spas Lobby.


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