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Autumn wellness in Jurmala

Date: 22 Sep’15

Jurmala has long been known for its natural healing resources – mild climate, sea, ionized air, healing mud and mineral waters. In addition, the best thing is that all of this is used in rehabilitation and spa programmes developed by SPA hotels and rehabilitation centres of the city. Therefore, Jurmala is a perfect place to accumulate energy and get ready for the new autumn and winter season.

During the autumn season, Jurmala’s rehabilitation centres, resort hotels and spas are offering more than 500 different procedures, during which specialists will recharge your body with new energy, strength and health. In Jurmala you can find procedures offered nowhere else, due in part to the use of sea water, mineral waters and medicinal mud found only in the nearby Ķemeri National Park. Even the most scrupulous guest will be surprised by the combination of modern technologies and therapeutic natural resources to be found in Jurmala. Among the procedures offered are amber therapy traditional medical procedures, aesthetic medical procedures, relaxing spa programs, hydrotherapy – including underwater massages, relaxing baths (pearl, honey) and restorative baths (detox, etc.); various types of massage (classic, aesthetic, therapeutic, firming), including massages for children; body wraps that not only have a relaxing and restorative effect, but that also nourish the whole body by promoting the deep absorption of essential micro-nutrients through the skin; mechanically applied physical therapy modalities for both medical (ionic therapy, electric muscle stimulation, etc.) and preventive (vacuum massage, LPG procedures, spa capsules) purposes; as well as magical juice detoxes that cleanse the physique and harmonize the body and soul. . By the way, kids can have their own SPA here, so do not forget to include all family members in your journey! More information about Wellness autumn offers in Jurmala you will find here: .

Those who enjoy an active lifestyle, resort city offers diverse active recreation activities. During autumn, if the weather is spoiling us, you can try different, free of charge, activities on the beach, like Yoga, Qigong, street fitness and Nordic walking classes, which take place on the beach that is a great place for rest and recovery.

But if the weather is rainy and you prefer to stay active indoors there is possibility to choose one of the Jurmala’s pools which are filled with either mineral, sea or regular water. Or to there are lots of indoor tennis grounds in Jurmala. They are located in tennis centres “Jura”, “Concept”, as well as in the premises of Jurmala hotels. All tennis courts offer trainings for children and adults. More information about active recreation:

Jurmala is a year-round resort, suitable for both recreation and replenishing health. A unique trio of environmental factors: the climate, the mineral waters and the healing mud in combination with active recreation, will help to accumulate vitamins, energy of sun and joy for winter season.

Sometimes, all it takes to feel great is a little break!

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