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EKO Hestia SPA award

Date: 20 May’15

Dated May 20, 2015 representatives of the boards of Ergo Hestia Group, and The Association of Polish Spa Communities signed a letter of intent on the organization of the annual competition, addressed to the spa municipalities associated with the AoPSC.

The "ECO Hestia SPA" award will promote the most effective and innovative actions and eco-friendly   investments implemented in Polish health resorts that have a positive impact on the environment.

ERGO Hestia is the only insurance company in Poland, which main headquarters is in a health resort that is why the idea of sustainable development is familiar to us from the beginning of our business - says Piotr M. Śliwicki, CEO of ERGO Hestia. Not only we promote the ecological stance, but we invest in them a lot. That is why we treat the EKO Hestia SPA prize as promotion of attitudes, promotion of the most environmentally friendly health resort municipalities. We want to be closer to these initiatives and we want to inspire one another. For these activities we have gained a worthy partner - the Association of Polish Spa Communities, and within Dr. Jan Golba a strong ally - said Piotr M. Śliwicki during a short speech.

The first award will be handed in 2016 for the investment and finished actions by the end of 2015. The annual award “EKO HESTIA SPA” will promote and popularize the most effective and innovative measures that have a positive impact on the environment. The worth of the prize “EKO HESTA SPA” will be 100 thousand zlotys. This sum can be designated only for the further eco-friendly actions on the area of the awarded municipality.  The local governments aspiring for the reward will have to declare in advance and plan for what they are ready to allocate the acquired award.

The substantive partner of ERGO Hestia Group in this venture will be The Association of Polish Spa Communities.

After a few days of intensive work it comes a time for the first evaluation of the Congress. “I rate this Congress as great, in terms of content and organizational, because the participants have emphasized it at every step.  I regret, however, that no one from the Ministry of Health has found time to take part in such an important event. Fortunately, the need for participation in the Congress saw the Minister of Sport and Tourism. Please note that in Poland we have 45 health resorts in which there are over 40 thousand sanatorium beds and approx. 140 thousand hotel beds. In the field of therapeutic work in health resorts works approx. 10 thousand people, and in the health tourism around 60 thousand people. It really is a powerful force that we cannot see just because it is not concentrated in one place '' - said the President of the AoPSC Jan Golba, who was hosting the Congress.

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