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German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, ESPA President Martin Plachý, ESPA Vice-president Hans-Juergen Kuetbach

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel pays tribute to the German spas and health resorts

6-9 November 2014, Zingst, Germany
Date: 7 Nov’14

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel pays tribute to the German spas and health resorts during the 110th German ‘Bädertag’ in Zingst as medical centers of excellence

The speech of the Chancellor made clear that she will support the German spas and health resorts in various issues and their ambition to set strategic points. After all, there are even in her constituency 13 Seaside spas. She also shared the opinion of the German Spa Association’s members that the German spas and health resorts must be included on the basis of their medical core competence in rural areas in the prospective prevention act. This currently discussed prevention act was besides the 25th anniversary of the German reunification in the focus of the congress.

The European Spas Association at the German ‘Bädertag’

More than 200 representatives of the spa business, science and politics from all over Germany met on the 110th German ‘Bädertag’ chaired by the President of the German Spas Association e. V. , Ernst Hinsken , in the Baltic resort Zingst. Our President, Martin Plachý, participated in the panel giving an outlook on prevention and discussed the issue from a European point of view. Our Secretary General, gave insights about his experience with spas and health resorts at the time of the reunification of Germany. He continued with the possibilities of EU funding for tourism infrastructure and marketing for the spa industry.

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