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ISO Medical Spa Services

On December 16, ESPA has submitted its comments on the draft ISO/DIS 21426 Medical Spas
Date: 17 Dec’17

Those comments will be presented and discussed during the next WG2 meeting which will take place in Tunis (21-22 February).


This International Standard establishes service requirements for Medical spas. Medical Spas are defined as acknowledged health resort, with specific natural factors such as natural resources of the earth (eg. Mineral-medicinal water, thermal water, healing gases or healing waters) or the climate used in health treatments, under medical supervision.

  • This standard does not cover decisions that correspond to the medical profession.
  • This standard does not apply to accommodation nor to catering services.
  • This standard does not apply to Thalassotherapy centers nor to Wellness Spa centers.

ISO 17680:2015 a standard for Thalassotherapy services already exists in the market and the future Wellness Spa standard (namely, ISO/DIS 17679) will soon be published.

However those two standards do not cover all health tourism services and that?s why a third standard is needed to clearly state the requirements for Medical Spas and clarify to customers the differences among these health tourism services.


This project on Medical spas intends to promote the correct service provision and customer satisfaction as well as to clarify the user the difference between the spa mineral medicinal treatment and other types of services. The target is to differentiate the use of mineral medicinal waters, ruled in some countries, to point out the important differences with other sectors, providing transparency to the market and therefore allowing the user to make informed and better decisions.


36 months Target date: 2019 Frequency of meetings: 2/year (average)

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