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Open spas 2015 - together for growth

Date: 20 Feb’15

Open spas 2015….together for growth is the topic chosen for the cycle of events belonging to Open Spas that will be realized during the year 2015(from April to October). They were introduced in 2009 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Federterme Constitution, occurred in 1919. The events that will be realized in 2015 want also to represent the concrete demonstration of a new and spread interest concerning the knowledge of spas as one of the resources with an important touristic value of the relative territories, as well as for their abilities to answer at the different motivations, which are the foundations of the choices of the touristic destinations. Italian Spas (400) can be found all over the peninsula, in 180 Italian towns and they allow to realize also an holiday or a day-trip, with the purpose of knowing the extraordinary and natural heritage of the landscape, gardens, waters and spas, but also their artistic and cultural heritage. Leaving aside the wine and food offer. Open Spas provides experiences of thermal welfare and also encourages an active collaboration  and synergies for a new planning, which requires new competences and also new profiles, even at part-time and a public and private collaboration on the territory.

The events timetable (weekly, from April to October) will be included in the web page

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