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Rencontres Européenes du Thermalisme

Aix-les-Bains (France), 15-17 November
Date: 17 Nov’17

Prof. Francisco Maraver (Coordinator of the ESPA Medical Research WG) delivered a presentation about Medical Research related with Balneotherapy and Mr. João Pinto Barbosa (Head of the ESPA Executive Committee) presented the latest facts & figures about the implementation of the EU Directive on Crossborder Heltahcare. Other highlights of the programme: Prof. Christian Roques (President of the Association Française pour la Recherche Thermale and member of the ESPA Medical Research WG) and Prof. Pedro Cantista (President of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and member of the ESPA Medical Research WG) also presented lectures about Balneotherapy Research in France and Europe. Closing the pannel dedicated to the European Thermalisme, Mr. Claude-Eugène Bouvier (Secretary-General of the Conseil National des Établissements Thermaux - France and member of the Board of ESPA) presented the findings of the Economic.

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