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SPA Medicine

Szeged Consensus Statement on Balneology and Health Resort Medicine

At the Consensus Conference, which took place in Szeged(2nd of April), among leaders of
the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH), Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board of Medical Specialists European Union (UEMS), World Organization of Thermalism (OMTH), World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC), International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques (SITH) and Medical Committee of European Spa Federation (ESPA) achieved following understanding:

  • Balneology and health resort medicine is part of a scientific medicine and has to be based on scientific evidence
  • Definition of terms in balneology an health resort medicine have to be developed as basis for the scientific work and the development of quality standards practice of balneology and health resort medicine
  • A consensus process should be started on the basis of the exchange of information and collection of the work that has been already done in international societies as well as on a national level to compile the International Glossary of health resort and spa medicine terminology using systematic methods of decision making process (Delphi tasks and consensus conferences)in close cooperation of the attending societies and other partner organisations
  • A task force has to be founded to deal with this issue in a common activity of the attending organisations

Szeged,  2nd of April 2005

ISMH: T. Bender; MZ. Karagülle; Chr. Gutenbrunner; P. Geher; H.Pratzel.
ESPA: MZ. Karagülle.
FEMTEC: N.Storozhenko.
UEMS: P. Cantista; Chr. Gutenbunner.
OMTH: E. Gori; C. Miravelle.
SITH: M. Espinho.

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