Karlovy Vary is renowned, regal – and also obviously relieving and healing

In breathtaking valley cutting deeply into forested hills, dwells a fairy-tale town. The most famous Czech spa, Karlovy Vary. Fabulous town houses, impressive buildings of hotels and spa resorts. No matter if you are walking along the colonnades and sipping on the healing water from one of the Karlovy Vary springs or walking along a spa path on forested slopes, you are following in the footsteps...

Groundbreaking 26th Espa Congress Held In Pieštany

The 26th European Spas Congress took place in Slovakia on the Island of Health in Piestany with 130 participants and 60 hosted buyers and exhibitors at SPA-CE, 24 Innovation Award candidates and with an impressive number, more than 30 international journalists followed the news in health tourism - all segments of the spa business were represented.