Thierry Dubois: “Balneotherapy can answer the new needs of our changing world”

As you see, the world is changing. Our fellow citizens have adopted a totally different lifestyle, and balneotherapy and health tourism can answer their new needs. This augurs a strong growth recovery.

Iuliana Tasie and Dr. Mihaela Cucu: The Future of Healing Climate in Romania

UNVEILING CLIMATOTHERAPY’S RICHNESS IN ROMANIA’S BALNEARY TREATMENT The spa and wellness industry has the potential to significantly improve the population's overall health. While traditional treatment methods frequently rely on medication or surgical interventions, both of which are risky, spa treatments can provide a safer and more natural alternative for alleviating certain conditions. We had the opportunity to speak to Iuliana Tasie and Dr. Mihaela Cucu, who...

Marlies Sobczak: “It is ESPA’s assignment to further develop opportunities for Thalasso”

We recently spoke to Marlies Sobczak, project manager of ESPA’s Thalasso working group, who played a pivotal role in bringing the annual congress of the DHV to Norderney. Marlies provided valuable insight into the event and the activities of the Thalasso group.