Conference of German Kneipp spas and Kneipp health resorts

Conference of German Kneipp spas and Kneipp health resorts with the Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Dr. Reiner Haseloff

Kneipp spas and health resorts are officially recognized by the federal states

Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, who took part in our panel discussion on the topic of Long Covid / Post Covid, was quite impressed by the fact that the other panellists, across all the disciplines they represented, completely agreed with the top of our association and its Kneipp PremiumClass in one statement:

With all their medical expertise and modern infrastructure, the German spas and health resorts are ready to help with the treatment and recovery of hundreds of thousands of people with long-Covid and post-Covid symptoms, which are seen as a major and current challenge by society as a whole, by politics and the health care system has to be dealt with. The Kneipp spas and Kneipp health resorts in Germany, with their naturopathic and integrative approach and their preventive and rehabilitative orientation, definitely see themselves as a spearhead of the German spa industry as a whole. It is now also necessary that this offer is now accepted by the health insurance companies and insurance carriers with the encouragement and influence of politicians.

Dr Haseloff has had the criticism of the reticence of the cash register and insurance system described in detail. He saw the need for a quick and flexible response to the current challenge posed by Post Covid / Long Covid and can also imagine the granting of experimental clauses. The Prime Minister promised to follow up on this next day at the meeting of the Prime Ministers with the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Minister of Health.

The podium discussion, which was attended by prominent participants alongside the Prime Minister, was even more successful with Professor Dr. Kraft from the University of Rostock, Secretary General Mezösi from the European Spa Association, Prof. Dr. Karl Ludwig Resch from the Saxon Spa Association, Dr. Christian Kirchner from the Brandenburg Spa Association, Mayor Welzel from the Kneipp town of Bad Wörishofen and Dr. Schmidt as a doctor director of the Bad Schmiedeberg rehabilitation clinic. The discussion was moderated by President Achim Bädorf and the director of Kneipp PremiumClass, Deddo Lehmann. The association of Kneipp spas and health resorts is proud of the high quality of health services that are state-recognized and certified.

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