Czech spas bringing together Ayurveda and Spa care

Reitenberger Spa Medical is combining unique spa and Ayurveda therapies

Reitenberger Spa Medical is a resort located in Marianske Lazne. Their aim is to deliver top-quality medical and spa care. With a team of certified doctors, physiotherapists, and therapists, they offer more than 60 treatments, including therapeutic, rehabilitation, relaxation, and ayurvedic therapies. 

The combination of spa and Ayurveda has not only been an interesting experiment but also a successful innovation in Reitenberger Resort. A year ago, they decided to incorporate non-traditional Ayurvedic therapies into their service offerings in collaboration with two experienced therapists from Sri Lanka. Initially, they only offered five procedures, but soon realized that they were on the right path. Their guests embraced the changes with delight, and the expansion of their procedure menu, including exotic massages and therapies, became a welcomed addition to traditional spa care.

The integration of the spa and Ayurveda has brought a welcomed revitalization and improved perception of the resort.

The demand for their services has dramatically increased, leading them to expand the team of therapists. The resort now employs six therapists and two chefs specializing in Ayurvedic cuisine. Furthermore, they plan to welcome a doctor from the Philippines in the near future who will become another valuable team member. His arrival will allow the resort to launch an entirely new Ayurvedic care package with a comprehensive Ayurvedic retreat. The doctor from the Philippines will have primary responsibility for overseeing these retreats and ensuring the proper and effective composition of procedures. His expertise and experience will guarantee that guests achieve the desired effects from their stay. He will also be responsible for designing the optimal combination of procedures that complement each other, providing the utmost experience and results.


Incorporating Ayurvedic cuisine

The Ayurvedic retreat will also include an array of Ayurvedic cuisine. At Reitenberger Resort, they believe that authentic food will contribute to the overall experience and enjoyment of guests. Additionally, Ayurvedic food is renowned for its beneficial effects on digestion and vitality. The resort will ensure that each menu is balanced and tailored to the individual needs of the guests.

The integration of the spa and Ayurveda has brought a welcomed revitalization and improved perception of the resort, creating the ideal environment for relaxation, rejuvenation, and replenishment of energy. The feedback from the guests confirms this, so the management of the  Reitenberger Spa Medical Resort plan to continue developing and refining their services by further integrating the spa and Ayurveda.

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