Druskininkai to Host the 2024 European Spa Congress on Sustainable Well-being

The European Spas Association (ESPA) is excited to announce that Druskininkai will be the host spa town for the highly anticipated European Spas and Balneology Congress in 2024. The European spa industry will be gathering for congress, B2B workshops, and the Innovation Awards Gala from the 25th to the 27th of September, 2024 in Lithuania. The partners for this event include the Ministry of Economy and Innovations, Travel Lithuania, Lithuanian Resorts Association, National Association of Medical Spas and Rehabilitation Centres, and Toleranca Marketing.

“This event is a testament to our dedication to promoting well-being, nature conservation, investing in spa town infrastructures, and fostering collaboration while showcasing the unique offers of European spas destinations” welcoming words of Mr. Šarūnas Vaitkus, the President of Lithuanian Resorts Association.

The Congress will focus on key themes related to climate change and the sustainable development of resorts with an emphasis on the healing climate concept. Thierry Dubois, the president of the European Spas Association, stated that amidst global changes, it is important to consider sustainability not only in consumption but also in resort development. The congress will discuss opinions about the broader utilization of balneotherapy and spa services for children’s health and taking greater emphasis on climate-based treatments. Additionally, current challenges in resorts and medical spas such as workforce shortages and education, prevention, balneology research, and spa hotel development in spa towns will also be addressed.

Druskininkai is an eco-friendly resort that advocates for environmental conservation and nurturing, offering a variety of attractions to impress even the most discerning tourists: the water amusement park and the winter entertainment complex “Snow Arena” allow visitors to experience winter in the resort during the summer, and vice versa in winter. Throughout the year, in the green resort town, one can enjoy natural resources, exceptionally clean air, high-quality procedures, leisure activities, and cultural events. With hundreds of years of resort development experience, we are ready to share it with representatives of European resorts community and hear their know-how. Druskininkai has experience in organizing international events, and the resort town infrastructure is fully adapted for high-level conferences. I am pleased with ESPA’s decision to organize this event in Druskininkai – we will strive to meet expectations to the fullest, showcasing the uniqueness and hospitality of Druskininkai” – said Ričardas Malinauskas, the mayor of Druskininkai municipality.”

Here you can create your personalized well-being holiday based on four nature’s elements. It is not without reason that Druskininkai is said to be a place where nature alone can heal – scientists have proven the benefits of climate and forest therapy, which has become especially popular in recent years. The resort’s pine forests, with their fresh air and year-round greenery, will help you relax and relieve stress and tension.

The ESPA Congress brings together industry leaders, spa professionals, and stakeholders to discuss emerging trends within the European balneology & spa sector. It offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas while enjoying the distinct charm of Druskininkai, the host city. This collaboration with leading healthcare and tourism players showcases the diverse offerings of European spas, promotes cross-cultural understanding, and delivers an extraordinary event for attendees.

The congress will host three important events for the European resort community: a conference, the Spa Central Europe (SPA-CE) B2B workshop, and the prestigious annual Innovation Awards, the “Oscars” for the spas organized by ESPA. These awards acknowledge the achievements of European spas and health resorts, helping to spread positive experiences.

The European Spas Association (ESPA) is a leading organization committed to promoting the spa and well-being industry. By bringing together spa professionals, industry leaders, and stakeholders, the European Spas Association works to improve collaboration, exchange of knowledge, and innovation within the European spa community.

“After undergoing treatment in the health resort, patients report feeling more energetic and rejuvenated, with decreased pain. Scientific research also confirms that such periodically performed procedures provide a long-term effect, help to fight ailments and reduce the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Clients feel the effect of these natural factors very quickly and appreciate the power of nature in the process of strengthening the body” Dr. Kęstutis Skauminas, the medical director of Eglės Sanatorija medical SPA.

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