C7: Centrul de Cultura al Judetului Covasna

The main goal of the present innovation is to make more accessible the healing gases of mofettes via structured and differentiated information. Thus, the scientific information concerning mofetta cures is “translated” for the public via modern maps, smart courses, info panels and books. Our materials treat generally the mofetta issue, and as a relevant case study we use mofettes from Romania/ Transylvania.

Do you know what is a “dry bath”? Probably, yes because if you read this application, then you are a specialist. However, the major part of the population does not know these terms, i.e. dry bath, mofetta or healing gas. Whereas, it would be important to know and especially to use these places: dry bathes are efficient places to prevent or treat cardiovascular problems, presently, leading causes of deaths among noncommunicable diseases.

Based on scientific data but beyond the scientific community, we planned information for different target groups. The older generation can access easily the printed books, while younger intellectuals may access e-books written in an understandable language level. Local people from Romania can access the materials in Romanian and also in Hungarian, the international community may read the English versions. Kids will have smart lessons (including video materials, interactive questions, edutainment exercises etc) for them. Practitioners of active tourism can access basic information via panels nearby mofettes, or they can open further information with the attached QR-codes.

We have 70-80 mofettes in the studied region in Transylvania, it means a great and specific but an unexploited condition for the health tourism. They have a much higher balneology potential than as it is used presently. Hopefully, with our books and other innovative education materials, we contribute to the sustainable development of the region and to the diversification of the spa culture.

1. Short Description of your Spa Education Programme

Mofetta gases are not as prominent in the public consciousness as mineral waters, even though the two go hand in hand, thus giving a uniqueness to Transylvania. The term ”mofette” denotes a post-volcanic phenomenon, that means gas emissions at relatively low temperatures. The main component of the gas occurring in the mofettes is carbon dioxide. In addition to the carbon dioxide, mofetta gases contain other components too, for example nitrogen, oxygen, methane, hydrogen sulfide and noble gases, including radon.

In recent years, several traditional folk baths have been renovated, and new treatment centres meeting modern requirements have been built through joint efforts, as to make locals aware of the need to know, preserve and use our medicinal waters and mofettas. We intend to put these natural assets to the benefit of tourism.

The health tourism potential has brought together the efforts of local governments, tourism entrepreneurs, tourism professionals and researchers in order to ensure the coordinated development of tourism in the region, as this sector is the starting point for the local economic development. We have a natural and cultural heritage that cannot be found elsewhere. These are the resources on which we base our tourism development ideas.

2. Originality

We, as a cultural institution in Covasna County, we intend to support the health tourism and the balneology culture of Transylvania, especially of Szeklerland. We have our specialist, such as Mrs. Szots Zsuzsa, who coordinates the present mofetta project. Additionally, we invite external specialists, such as dr. Incze Reka and others to strengthen our team and to make more efficient our educational work.

We have structured and differentiated the information for certain target groups. Scientific events and publications group the specialists. Printed books are mainly for the older generations. E-books written in an understandable language level aim the younger intellectuals. Romanian and also Hungarian materials are planned for local people. The English versions where designed for the international community. Kids will have access to smart lessons, including video materials, interactive questions, edutainment exercises etc. In vivo, active tourists can access introductory information via smart panels (including QR-codes).

3. Use of modern methods

We have combined traditional methods (such as printed materials and face-to-face working groups) with modern methodology. For example, e-books, smart lessons and QR-codes make accessible the benefits of modern methods.

4. Importance for the state-of-the-art evolution of the spa sector

We have made a presentation- tour of the book in Transylvania: we have presented the material in different schools and universities. Additionally, it was presented during different events, such as city- or village days especially in those areas where mofettes are accessible.

We hosted certain universities and guided for them fieldtrips (ex. from Iasi, Suceava, Cluj- Napoca) to understand the mechanism of mofetta treatment.

Professionals and companies play a key role in our coordinated work. It is the
responsibility of the local and central government to provide a framework for
professionalism, as it is the only way to create a common intellectual
power that will lead to a sustainable prosperity.


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