C2: Eglės Sanatorija

Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija is the first wellness organisation in Lithuania that has launched its mobile app for clients arriving at the medical spa. Here, guests can see the schedule of treatments they have been prescribed, rate the staff member who carried out the treatment, easily and quickly find the medical spa news and more.

1. Short description of your Medical Spa

Located in two Lithuanian resorts – Druskininkai and Birštonas, Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija has accumulated many years of experience in the field of wellness. More than 100 different treatments and around 50 different tests are carried out here. Constantly improving with new treatments and innovative equipment introduced every year for guest of Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija. Our core mission of helping people regain, maintain and strengthen their health.

2. Originality

Medical SPA Eglės sanatorija is famous for its deep-seated medical spa treatment traditions and natural therapeutic factors: mineral water, therapeutic mud and climate. These natural factors, which have made Lithuanian resorts famous for centuries, are combined here in the medical spa with modern state-of-the-art technologies, innovative equipment, massage, kinesitherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

3. Impact and benefits

We were the first healthcare organization in Lithuania to introduce a mobile app for clients who came to the Medical SPA. After downloading the mobile app of Eglės sanatorija, you will no longer need to carry a paper treatment card as all the necessary information will be on your smartphone. In the app, you will see the schedule of the treatments prescribed to you, you will be able to self-register upon arrival for the treatment, and finally – rate the employee who performed the treatment. You may also request to change the appointed time of your prescribed treatment.

Guests of the Medical SPA can also read news of the Medical SPA and follow the event calendar. Here you can mark the event you are interested in and receive a reminder when the date approaches. In the app, you also can submit deficiencies. This way, you can quickly inform the Medical SPA staff about the help or service you need. And you may browse the app in several languages, including Lithuanian, English, Russian, and German.

4. Sustainability

In 2023 due to the rapid increase in the number of solar power plants in Lithuania, the medical SPA Eglės sanatorija, which is indifferent to sustainability ideas, installed them in Birštonas and Druskininkai. Guests who come to medical SPA can now see the solar power plants installed on the roofs and enjoy the health-improving treatments performed while using sustainable energy.  

Also, this year, the EU-funded “Installation of charging points for private electric vehicles” project has been implemented at the medical SPA Eglės sanatorija. The aim of this project is the development of the charging network for private electric vehicles (hereinafter referred to as EVs) in Lithuania. The project aims to directly address the network failure of private EV charging stations by financing the installation of conventional and medium-power charging points, enabling EV and workplace charging.


Eglės g. 1, Druskininkai
Lithuania, LT-66251