C4: Hotel Preidlhof GmbH

Specialized in Integrated wellness approach: complementary medicine, holistic healing, thermal water (new 2022), signature clean beauty skincare, wellness Menu and 5000 sqm of wellness facilities mastered by some of the best Professionals in the wellness industry.
Immersed in the gorgeous nature of Norther Italy, family owned and managed, Preidlhof launched a 360* wellness philosophy inspired by the balance between hedonic and eudaemonic happiness, creativity, science, technology and result-oriented holistic Retreats.
Main focus are prevention of lifestyle related problems, support mental wellbeing and rejuvenation through real holistic approaches.
Preidlhof’s Medical Director, Dr. Med. Alexander Angerer, is specialized in evidence-based medicine, complementary medicine, complementary psychology, phytotherapy, homoeopathy, magnetic field therapy (PAPIMI), and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was amongst the pioneers to introduce Acupunture in a clinical setting in Italy. In his clinic, he offers anamnesis, oral therapy, infusion therapy, prescription of manual medicine, blood count, magnetic field therapy etc. With the Heart rate variability (HRV) measurement he can measure the dynamic rhythm of the heart and measures body’s energy efficiency. During a stay it is possible to assess the quality of sleep with a method used by sleep clinic experts. Dr. Angerer evaluates the results by means of a small sleep tracker the guest wears at night and provides recommendations accordingly to help improve sleep.
In September 2020, the arrival of award-winning Spa Designer, Patrizia Bortolin, started the process for an innovative new wellness concept – The Preidlhof Way, and 360° makeover. Transformational Wellness Retreats are the core of the concept, new signature Rituals and treatments, signature food philosophy and menu design and new fitness and beauty concepts.
Preidlhof’s nine signature retreats are designed to stimulate guests physically, energetically, spiritually, psychologically, socially, and emotionally. Special signature Classes are designed exclusively for Retreat guests and integrate with the work of the healers and therapists. They add the playful touch or expand the sensorial experience necessary to keep the balance between hedonic and eudaemonic wellbeing. Other experiences aim to increase self-awareness, transform quality of sleep and movement, and help attain a happier and more creative life through deeper sensorial integration.
In 2022, Preidlhof introduced thermal water and thermal wellness treatments, the mineral-rich water is sourced from a 400-year-old spring located 5km away. Excavations were completed in December 2021 as an independent, combined community initiative shared by the local hospitality industry, that brought theraml water to Preidlhof’s 80sqm indoor pool and to the private thermal bath located at the Spa.
In 2023 Preidlhof launched its New Organic & Vegan Skincare Line and in-room Cosmos organic certified Amenities: Preidlhof has launched its own signature skincare line developed with one of the best Italian brands of clean beauty. It is an innovative, natural, and environmentally friendly vegan line that fits the highest levels of luxury clean skincare. The new skincare products have a high concentration of botanical and biotechnological active ingredients that respect the environment and biodiversity.
Part of the concept are also some important certifications obtained by Preidlhof in the last years: certified as a “Quiet Place” by the Quiet Park Association for the silent beauty of its natural surroundings and it’s the first Wellness & Spa facility in the world to receive ISO 17679 certification.

1. Short Description of your Spa Resort

Preidlhof is a multi-award-winning Wellness Destination located in Naturno, South Tyrol, Italy. Privately owned, Preidlhof has carved out a first-class reputation as a holistic, preventative, and medical health retreat for guests aged 16 years and over. It remains steadfast in its commitment to wellness and to the continual research, innovation and investment in its talent, facilities, and services. Set within beautiful, landscaped grounds with breath-taking views, Preidlhof’s has impressive 5000m² of wellness space includes the Sonnenschlössl with its stunning Rooftop Infinity Sport Pool, the DolceVita Lodge, the Sauna Tower, and the Spa Reception and Treatment Rooms.
The Spa Reception and 9 treatment rooms are centrally located on the ground floor overlooking the central pool and relaxation area.
The beautiful six-floor Sauna Tower was purposely built vertically to make the most of the 360° views of the surrounding orchards, hills, the Vinschgau Valley and Ortler Mountains. A Geomantic Report was commissioned to inform the tower’s precise placement, angle and design. Scoring 9,600 units on the Bovis scale, the report confirmed what had been felt and reported by guests for many years: the tower is located in a natural high-energy field. There are 16 different sauna, steam and relaxation spaces and experiences, including the world’s only Deep Sea Relaxation Room, awarded a Spa Innovation prize. There is also a 100 square metre large Functional Fitness Hall offering numerous activities and sessions.

2. Originality

In September 2019, the arrival of award-winning Spa Designer and Glowing Flow Wellness Specialist, Patrizia Bortolin, heralded an innovative new wellness concept – The Preidlhof Way, and 360° makeover. She introduced award-winning Transformational Wellness Retreats, new signature Rituals and treatments, signature food philosophy and menu design, new Wellness VIP lounge, and new fitness and beauty concepts. Renovations were also undertaken to the Spa Treatment area and some public spaces, and a new secluded outdoor Mediterranean pool experience was added.
The concept “The Preidlhof Way” was developed exclusively for Preidlhof.
Preidlhof’s nine signature retreats are designed to stimulate guests physically, energetically, spiritually, psychologically, socially, and emotionally. Each programme, every guest experience, is tailored according to what the individual seeks, their stage in life, and what he or she is ready to integrate. All are exceptional sensorial experiences designed by Patrizia Bortolin in collaboration with holistic trainers and artists, based on extensive research.

3. Impact and benefits

Significant increase of Retreat bookings, length of stay and thanks to a consistent word of mouth and specific marketing strategy contributed to position Preidlhof among the leading holistic destinations

4. Sustainability

Our environment is close to our hearts. That is why we and other sustainable hotels take the issue of sustainability and the careful use of resources very seriously. Our efforts have been awarded the Tyrol-South Tyrol environmental seal. What this means in detail, you can read here:

We produce our energy with our BHKW with high efficiency. The residual energy we need comes from sustainable hydroelectric power plants.
Where possible, we use energy-saving light bulbs.
The indoor swimming pool and hot water are heated with solar energy.
The taps are fitted with flow limiters, the WC cisterns with flush stops.
We consistently separate our waste into compostable organic matter, paper, glass, metal, plastics and hazardous waste.
We use reusable packaging and avoid unnecessary small packaging.
As much of the food we use as possible comes from the region, some of it even from our own production.
We only use natural flavour enhancers, such as herbs and oils.
We only use selected mild cleaning agents throughout the house.
Instead of chemical fragrance dispensers, the Preidlhof uses natural fragrance oils.
Our in-house cosmetics line is pure organic cosmetics with ingredients from the region/Italy.
The guest decides himself about the change of towels.
In-house bicycle hire, e-bike hire
Free shuttle service to the train station


St. Zenostr. 13, Naturns (BZ)