C3: Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme (Vrdnik, Serbia) is part of the largest tourism investment in our country. It offers the largest Welless & Spa, as well as the largest resort and conference center, providing a premium level of guest experience and hotel services. The outstanding surrounding of National Park Fruška gora, combined with the hotel’s impressive spa and wellness center, wide range of culinary offerings and modern interiors, makes Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme a true jewel of local hospitality. As a part of the company, which already has one award-winning hotel – Hotel Premier Aqua***** Vrdnik, it is our pleasure to apply for one more ESPA award. The wellness and spa centre offer, with 11 pools with healing thermo-mineral water, 12 types of saunas, steam baths, fitness facilities as well as outdoor area, is carefully designed to meet the highest standards and expectations of the spa lovers, and all of those who are going to become, ones they visit us.

1. Short Description of your Spa Hotel

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme in Vrdnik, Serbia is strategically located between the two biggest cities in Serbia, Belgrade and Novi Sad. Because of its location our hotel is the perfect destination for business travellers, couple retreats, friends and families. The hotel is a part of the biggest hospitality investment in the country, which was awarded for “The best tourism investment in Serbia in 2019”.
The hotel has 201 contemporarily designed, elegant and comfortable rooms and suites, all with private balconies overlooking Spa Vrdnik and National Park Fruška gora, the oldest national park in Serbia.

2. Originality

The location of the hotel in National Park Fruška gora with its beautiful mountains landscape is perfect for people looking for unforgettable moments in the breath-taking scenery. People looking for relaxation can use water-related activities and spa within the hotel or enjoy its surroundings. The wellness and spa centre offers 11 pools (5 indoor and 6 outdoor), with healing thermo-mineral water, 12 types of saunas and steam baths, and fitness facilities. The area provides not only a wide array of activities, animation programs, and water slides but also helps to regain the peace and serenity expected from a perfect holiday getaway. During the summer months, guests can enjoy Thermal Riviera with a capacity of over 1000 sunbeds, carefully designed to meet the highest standards and expectations.
A wide range of massage, body, and facial treatments, such as medical mud, carbon fit, lymph drainage, and non-invasive mesotherapy performed by well-trained professionals and therapists will ensure the best level of rest for every visitor. 
The thermo-mineral water, that is used for all of the pools, as a natural healing factor with unique properties and active substances – sulphur, sodium, calcium, magnesium and hydro-carbonates has a strong positive impact on bone and joint system, rheumatic symptoms, skin conditions and it helps wounds to heal – e.g. encourages the epithelialization.
The hotel F&B department is using all the local products produced by local small suppliers and the owner company has its own production of beer and Serbian national drink called „rakija“ and there are plans for bottled water production.

3. Impact and benefits

The hotel’s Spa is something that resort’s offer makes special and unique. We are proud that our spa center has something to offer for everyone, starting from the youngest ones, couples or the ones that require peace and just want to enjoy thermal water in the pools, to the ones that are lovers of the nude spa. Among many awards, hotel outdoor pools complex received the prestigious design award at Piscine Global Europe, Lyon, France “No1 Pool Design Award 2022 – Sport & Leisure”.

4. Sustainability

As every Mövenpick property, the hotel implements a wide range of eco-friendly solutions in the area of ESG and sustainability. The resort and hotel are built following a vision to maximize sustainability and usage of renewable energy with the main goal of preserving natural resources in the National Park Fruška gora for future generations. The hotel garage is using solar panels as the main power source and offers car electric chargers free of charge. The latest technology in preserving energy and water is already implemented in the building project. Led lights, insulation materials for preserving the energy, sensors for the room control systems, installation of HVAC energy saving equipment, hybrid devices, allowing simultaneous preparation of heat and cooling energy, and the use of geothermal potentials. The hotel is using eco-friendly products in all processes and recycling all kind of waste. Zero % one time use plastic policy is implemented in the hotel. Organic waste is used for composting the fields.


Staza Zdravlja 39, Vrdnik