The modern tourist is increasingly interested in places that offer a better quality
of life in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. One of the opportunities on
the Northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is the first seaside resort St. Constantine
and Helena with its abundance of natural resources, healing mineral water and
over 115 years of tradition in sea treatment, balneology and spa tourism. The
destination is one of the few places on the Black Sea coast that offers a complete
cycle of services according to the specific requirements of the modern traveler –
accommodation in hotels from 3 to 5 stars and executive locations, various balneo
programs to improve health through specially designed therapies and packages
with access to the natural resources and healing mineral water of the destination.
Boutique hotels, medical and spa complexes, Mediterranean architecture, clean
sea, picturesque coves, art spaces, the best coastal restaurants.

1. Short description of your Spa Destination

St. St. Constantine and Helena – the resort is located next to the city of Varna in Bulgaria and is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage. One of the most famous places to visit is the monastery from which the resort takes its name. This monastery is an important part of the cultural heritage of the region. The healing mineral water is the most valuable asset here. Balneotherapy, spa and wellness tourism – the resort offers a wide variety of therapies and programs for rehabilitation, detoxification and stress prevention. It is ideal for holidays in all seasons, for sports, health and beauty care, for improving immunity and the general state of body and mind. Boutique hotels, Mediterranean architecture, clean sea, picturesque coves, elite spa complexes and new restaurants offering different types of cuisine. Sea and spa with healing mineral water, family holidays, health, spa treatments for health, tone and immunity, exclusive accommodation, culinary delights, unique places to walk, beach and relax, boutique cultural sites – St. Constantine and Helena is a destination with the advantage of combining all this in one place, along with natural resources – clean sea, healthy sea climate, greenery, abundant thermal waters. The first Bulgarian seaside resort has centuries-old traditions in thalassotherapy, climatotherapy, balneology, spa and mud treatment. The place offers year-round holidays, sea and spa weekends, sports facilities, rehabilitation, healthcare, the best restaurants on the sea. While day after day the sun sets over the Black Sea, St. Constantine and Helena will create a whole host of unforgettable moments – from its historical heritage to its thriving cultural scene, from healing waters to mouth-watering delights, this resort offers an experience that will touch the heart and soul.

2. Originality

The resort is famous for its healing mineral springs, which have a benefi cial effect on the health of visitors.Sts. Constantine and Helena is situated in a preserved natural area with beaches, parks and forests. This provides a unique environment for relaxation and prevention. A variety of spas are available where visitors can enjoy various therapies, massages, balneo and beauty treatments.On the very seashore of one of the most beautiful coastlines on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – the resort of Sts. Constantine and Helena is located teh biggest thermal spa complex Aquahouse Thermal & Beach. Created with the idea to unite all the unique natural features of the resort – the sea, healthy sea climate and healing mineral water. Aquahouse Thermal & Beach is a concept of health and beauty through the power of water to purify, heal, give life, energy and grace. The thermal complex is an innovation in line with the overall vision for the development of Sts. Constantine and Helena as a sea and spa destination. The implementation of the project began in the autumn of 2016 with the modernization of the existing public thermal pool on the same site and its transformation into a modern spa complex, which retained its status as a public place for beach, rest, leisure, sports or for preventive care, balneology and the need for healing therapies with mineral water. The new thermal complex opened in the summer of 2017. In Bulgaria, similar thermal complexes are implemented as part of hotel infrastructure, while Aquahouse Thermal & Beach operates completely independently and this makes it a unique facility that has no analogue in Bulgaria. With its 14 swimming pools and water spaces located in close proximity to the sea, Aquahouse Thermal & Beach combines the healing power of mineral water with the pleasant sensation of the sea breeze, with the benefits of sea water and sea climate. It skillfully combines rest with opportunities for sport, recovery and rehabilitation. The complex is situated on an area of 6,000 square meters, unobtrusively arranged with natural green vegetation and gives the feeling of serenity and tranquility with its Mediterranean architecture and its characteristic atmosphere.

3. Impact and benefits

Improved infrastructure in 2023 at the resort gives visitors a sense of calm. Mediterranean architecture, clear sea, picturesque coves, art spaces, the best coastal restaurants with delights from around the world, the two new five-star hotels have increased the resort’s appeal to tourists. Style, comfort and relaxation – this is the Astor Garden Hotel, the first 5-star hotel in the new history of Sts Constantine and Helena resort. The ancient legend of the sailor Marco Chinca, who defended the area from enemy pirate attacks, comes to life along the seashore of Sts. Constantine and Helena, inside one of the most fashionable and exclusive places on the northern Black Sea coast – Villa Chinca. The place opens its doors as part of the 5-star Astor Garden Hotel. In 2022, the second 5-star hotel opened in Sts. Constantine and Helena. Aquahouse Hotel and Spa continues the resort’s long tradition in balneology, spa treatment, health prevention through rehabilitation and offers the most appropriate therapeutic programs. The hotel, with its spa complex, offers four seasons opportunities for balneology, preventive health, spa, wellness, youth care, beauty and fitness. The thermal wealth of the resort is used, whose mineral water indicators show a beneficial effect on both health and the overall condition of the body. In addition to therapeutic therapies and thermal water treatments, the spa offers health, toning and relaxation programmes. On its territory there are restaurants with culinary delights from around the world, bars, swimming pools, playground and other facilities for guests. The variety of activities – organizing sports tournaments, spartakiads and cultural events have attracted visitors with different interests to the resort. Integration of a reservation system improved communication with guests by offering more convenient ways to book.

4. Sustainability

We are a community dedicated to sustainability, striving to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to a greener future. Our commitment to sustainable practices encompasses various aspects of operations, from energy conservation to waste management and sourcing local organic food. By making conscious choices, we strive to provide guests with a unique and memorable experience that matches their values. We have switched to energy efficient LED lighting; advanced temperature control systems are designed to optimise energy consumption while providing a comfortable environment for guests; to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles, we have installed filtered water stations in rooms; we use recycled paper products including stationery, guest information materials and packaging; as part of our commitment to sustainable transport, we provide electric chargers for the for electric vehicles; the facilities are equipped with water-efficient fixtures that maintain a comfortable experience while reducing water pressure. This approach minimizes water consumption and promotes responsible water use; organic cosmetic treatments for a complete and healthy recovery; and we created a green tree planting fund. Our commitment demonstrates our dedication to creating a greener future. We believe that responsible and sustainable practices not only benefit the environment, but also enhance the overall guest experience.