Ensana Welcomes a New Destination to its Portfolio

ENSANA announced a new addition to its extraordinary family of health spa hotels.

Ensana, Europe’s leading operator of health spa hotels, is announcing a new addition to its extraordinary family of health spa hotels. Greece’s Santorini joins premier destinations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the UK, which proudly carry the Ensana name. “We are very happy to announce that we are extending the Ensana brand to Greece where we don’t yet have a hotel. Santorini will complement our list of amazing destinations throughout Europe and provide new possibilities for our clients,” said Frank Halmos, CEO of Ensana, after officially signing the agreement with Ensana’s partners in Greece. 

Ensana will be operating a newly built property in the unique location of Santorini’s Kamari Beach, providing its extensive expertise in running seamless operations and delivering unique health concepts which combine natural resources and expert medical knowledge. “The ancient Greek concept about health exactly matches what Ensana believes in, as we do incorporate both physical and mental wellbeing elements in the development of our existing and new programmes. The history and heritage of the Greek healing concept is a great foundation for the expansion in this fantastic region, and we do hope that after Santorini, we will see several more hotels in the upcoming years in this country of great potential,” explains Frank Halmos. 

Over ten projects in the pipeline

Currently, Ensana has over ten projects in the pipeline, all in exciting and interesting locations, but within the nearest future, you will see hotels joining not only in Greece but also in Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, and eventually also in the Baltics and Scandinavia. “Very soon, we will announce another location in a similarly amazing location as Santorini,” adds Frank Halmos.


About Ensana Health Spa Hotels

Launched in 2019, Ensana is the leading health spa hotel brand in Europe. The group currently manages 27 hotels in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the UK,  located in many of Europe’s most historic spa towns – all renowned for their natural healing resources and restorative properties. Ensana has developed an innovative, integrative health concept; natural healing resources combined with current medical expertise and modern diagnostic methods to help guests achieve their personal health goals. The group is committed to improving the health and well-being of all its guests, which is why it provides a diverse range of spas to suit every budget.

For more information, visit www.ensanahotels.com.

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