European spa destinations in Rimini Fitness&Health 2024

From May 30 to June 2, 2024, the Expo Centre & Riviera di Rimini in Italy is the global epicenter of fitness, wellness, and health at RiminiWellness 2024. This international event is dedicated to the entire wellness community, featuring the latest trends, innovations, and training opportunities for wellness professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and sport lovers alike.

The European Spa Association is there to continue the Healing Waters initiative and has presented the excellent quality of mineral water in European spa resorts with many sports facilities. Presentation and information were on the stage. European spas are trendy health resorts that offer various programs for sporty guests, with Iztok Altbauer, the CEO of Slovenian Spas, Health & Wellness Resorts, “My Way” and Ivana Kolar, Croatian Chamber of Economy, showcases Croatia’s healthy and active attractions. Csilla Mezösi, Secretary General of ESPA, highlighted a few Spa resorts with excellent sports facilities.

Iztok Altbauer, the CEO of Slovenian Spas, Health & Wellness Resorts, “My Way”

Iztok Altbauer, Managing Director of the Slovenian Spa Association, Ivana Kolar, Chair of the Health Tourism Department of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, and Csilla Mezösi, Secretary General ESPA, made presentations on health destinations.

RiminiWellness is a unique event that brings together all the key players in the fitness and wellness universe. Attendees will find a diverse range of exhibitors, including exercise equipment manufacturers, gyms, fitness clubs, training institutions, trade associations, medical spas, health centres, rehabilitation services, tourism, and design professionals. This event truly captures the essence of what the fitness community desires, creating a comprehensive experience for all participants.

Latest news: RIMINIWELLNESS 2024 with OVER 100 THOUSAND ACCESSES FOR BUSINESS AND WELLBEING, delegations from 25 countries, Innovation and experiences throughout 28 pavilions with 300 exhibiting brands, 80 professional conferences,500 appointments on the matching platform and 2,000 hours training, 240 events around the local area.

RiminiWellness 2024 is divided into six thematic sectors, each offering a specialized focus within the broader wellness landscape:

The Fitness sector is Italy’s premier marketplace for fitness training and sports. It features manufacturers of equipment, training machinery, accessories, fitness services, clothing, and footwear. Additionally, attendees can explore a variety of digital services, start-ups, and management software designed to integrate the latest industry technologies into their businesses.

Active is the dynamic core of RiminiWellness, highlighting the latest trends in workout and training methods. This sector showcases beloved brands for active lifestyles and features world-renowned trainers who engage thousands of enthusiasts with their expertise and passion.

FoodWell is dedicated to healthy food options for those on the go. This sector is a hub for functional nutrition, featuring showcooking sessions with top chefs and food bloggers, guided tastings, product focus sessions, and cooking classes. It’s an essential destination for those looking to blend nutrition with an active lifestyle.

The Health sector covers sports medicine, physical therapy equipment, rehabilitation technologies, and post-injury recovery solutions. It also includes educational talks and seminars to help professionals deepen their knowledge and stay updated with the latest innovations and trends in sports health.

The Wellness sector focuses on holistic wellness, body care services, and personal well-being. It features products, services, and new solutions presented by companies in a multifunctional space dedicated to yoga, pilates, mindfulness, and more. It’s the perfect place to explore the holistic world and enhance personal wellness practices.

Steel is the robust sector dedicated to physical culture and combat sports. Spanning over 13,000 square meters, this area is devoted to the toughest gym activities, including combat sports, martial arts, and physical culture. It also highlights supplements and features leading companies in the industry, making it a must-visit for those passionate about intense physical training.

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