Exploring Infrastructure Investments and Occupancy Trends in Slovenian Natural Spas

Slovenian natural spas finished a successful year 2023 and are in excellent condition and ready for a new investment cycle, which will further enhance the already rich offer and try to appeal to an even more demanding guest.

In many spa companies, they have plans that, in addition to the renovations that have already been carried out and the very important investments in renewable resources this year, will continue in 2024. The innovations will include both renovations of certain buildings that were not currently used for living, as well as spa infrastructure, which is intended for patients for spa treatment. Since all companies are committed to sustainable and economical operation, they will also continue to invest in renewable resources by building solar power plants, building a reinjection well, using geothermal energy, and we are especially happy that plans are also being prepared for the construction of a new accommodation facility. With such bold plans, the tourism product HEALTH and WELL-BEING continues to strengthen itself as a leading pillar of Slovenian tourism, which is among the most recognizable and pervasive both at home and abroad.

The forecasts for all 12 spas are very promising for the whole of December and especially for the Christmas and New Year vacations. In all resorts, reservations are better than in the same period last year, and in most hotels even the last rooms are being occupied these days or the hotel capacities are already fully booked. Certainly the hard and dedicated work of all employees in the spas in the past as well as the creativity in creating varied, rich and interesting programs have contributed to this state.

Good work in the past is always rewarded with success in the future, as the many compliments from our regular and new guests show. Otherwise, most vacations are spent by domestic guests in the spas, while most foreign guests will come from Italy, Austria, Croatia, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The forecasts for the first few days of January and the coming months of the new year are also better than for the same period last year according to the current projections, which already predicts another very good year, for which we all certainly hope most of all that it will not be accompanied by another catastrophe, war or other serious unpleasantness. We hope that the financial year will be as peaceful and normal as possible so that we can devote even more time to our guests.

Slovenian Spas Association members are: Terme Čatež, Terme Dobrna, Terme Krka, Sava Turizem, Terme Olimia, Terme Portorož, Terme Zreče, and Thermana.

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