First Parliamentary Day on Thermalism at the French Senate

The first parliamentary spa day in France was held on Wednesday 10 April at the Senate, one of the two representative assemblies in France. 

Over 100 people, elected representatives from Spa towns, members of Parliament (senators and deputies) and industry professionals, including members of the CNETh (French Association of Spa Therapy Operators), the AFRETh (French Association for Thermal Research), the ANMCT (National association of spa town mayors) and the FTCF (French Federation of Thermalism and Climatology), gathered to share their thoughts on the issues and challenges facing the spa industry. The speakers exchanged views on balneotherapy through the themes of health, the economy and sustainable development. 

Thierry DUBOIS, President of CNETh and European Spas Association, spoke in defence of medical balneotherapy and the new orientations of the sector.  

During the day, the French Senate defended the assets of spa towns and reiterated the fact that the spa industry is vital for health and the regions. 

Gérard Larcher, President of the French Senate, strongly emphasised that spas are “a matter of health”. Its reimbursement must be maintained.

The deputies undertook to organise a next meeting at the National Assembly, France’s other representative assembly, in 2025.

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