Fra Mare Thalasso Spa presents Healing Yoga House

A holistic experience of yoga, healthy nutrition and healing treatments

This year, Fra Mare Thalasso Spa opened its brand-new Healing Yoga House. Through this project, their current wellness and treatment spa concept was expanded by healing and wellness yoga. The hotel’s aim is to offer a holistic experience of yoga, healthy nutrition, and relaxing and healing procedures-treatments, enriched by a pristine natural environment (sea, forest).

The hotel aims to become one of the first providers of evidence-based healing yoga services and a centre of competence. The already different Yoga retreat offers from Scandinavia and Estonia have found their way to the remarkable hotel, offering their customers the possibility to enjoy the new Yoga house and beautiful surroundings hand in hand with cosy accommodations and good food.


About Fra Mare Thalasso SPA

At Fra Mare Thalasso SPA it is easy to find peace and happiness – the sea that sings its own song, countless little inlets and islets, strolls around the cosy and romantic Haapsalu, August nights steeped in moonlight, the sweet soothing smell of the pine forest…

Fra Mare Thalasso Spa is a comfortable and cosy hotel in a beautiful pine forest not far from the Paralepa beach. It is located 100 km from Tallinn and only a walking distance from Haapsalu’s Old Town. 

Find out more at Home page – Fra Mare Thalasso Spa.

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