Frank Halmos: “ESPA with their wide knowledge about the sector is crucial to develop our brand further”

Frank Halmos, CEO of Ensana Hotels and speaker at the 26th ESPA Congress in Piestany, Slovakia

Ensana became a member of the European Spa Association’s community as we are sharing the same values and goals. ESPA and the colleagues representing the organization, with thier wide knowledge about the sector and the connections to all parties within the sector and the EU regulatory level is crucial to develop our brand further. During the events we had the opportunity to share our thoughts about the future of the industry, but also met potential new partners. ESPA’s Innovation Award initiative is an important platform to show and appreciate the efforts of our medical teams, who are continuously seeking to improve our health-related service across the whole brand, in order to introduce programmes with an improved efficacy, measurably better results.

Our main goal is to broaden the cooperation with the European Spa Association and strengthen the potential synergies between us and other partners joining the organization.

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