Highlights from the International Health Tourism Forum 2024 in Turkey

On behalf of ESPA, Ms. Marlies Sobczak-Boumans, a board member of the European Spas Association and the leader of the European Spas Association Thalasso group, attended the international Health Tourism Forum in Turkey.

Health tourism is experiencing explosive growth and will play an increasingly important role in the future. The presence of a “local remedy” such as thermal water or the Thalasso environment close to the sea plays a decisive role. Healh tourism, but in a relaxing wellness environment, fits in with the offering for the future.

Prof. Dr.Vural Kavuncu made a plea that the medical world and the wellness sector should come closer together. Packages sun holidays in locations where temperatures can reach 50 degrees will become a thing of the past, according to Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Arit.

Many specialists spoke during the international Health Tourism Forum that took place in Denizli, Turkey in January. For that occasion Prof. Dr. Zeki Karagulle, active in ESPA for many years, had invited experts from various European countries for a lecture. Claudia Wagner, as manager of Fit Reisen, the largest German travel organizations for health travel, provided an overview of current trends and emphasized the importance of travel in the field of mental health.

“Vacations accompanied by professionals contribute to happiness. And that’s what people are looking for.”

Ms. Sobczak-Boumans, a board member of the European Spas Association, recently gave a presentation on the latest developments in the field of health tourism in the Netherlands. During the presentation, she highlighted the green initiatives and new health-oriented services in the coastal areas of Domburg, Cadzand, and Noordwijk. Thalassotherapy and climate can be effectively utilized to create new ways to stay healthy and active on the seaside.

With this conference, the University of Pamukkale opened the doors of the recently completed Thermal Rehabilitation Center and with the International Health Tourism Forum 2024 the University aimed to create an envirmont by bringing together all parties in the health tourisme sector and increasing knowledge on theory and practices with international speakers. The event shows that we are on a cross point and that change in future bring opportunities for the medical as the tourism sector as well.

The time spent together between panels was a warm get-together between European Spas friends.

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