International conference “Quality – the key to challenges”

The international conference “Quality – the key to challenges” (Quhep Summer Camp – International Medical Spa Conference and Barcamp Workshop) was held in Birštonas, Eglė Sanatorium and the celebration of 50 anniversary

During the conference, Lithuanian and foreign lecturers presented and discussed topics relevant to the medical tourism sector:
✔ Quality – medical competence, innovation, sustainable ecological goal;
✔ International quality certificates for medical SPA institutions: EuropeSpa and European Health Destination;
Use of natural remedies for rehabilitation and health promotion in Lithuania.
We thank all the conference participants who came and the organizers for choosing Eglė Sanatorium for this great event.

Event organizers: QUHEP, Lithuanian Association of Medical Spas and Rehabilitation Centers, European Spas Association (ESPA), Lithuanian Resorts Association. Some moments of the event – photos of Rock Tennis

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