Interview with Ensana Health Spa Hotels, the winner in Innovative Health Spa Programme Category

Ensana Health Spa Hotels have revolutionized the concept of medical spas by introducing a cutting-edge approach focused on preventing diseases through a holistic, tailor-made program. This program combines treatments sourced from natural resources with the latest advancements in medical knowledge and devices. They offer personalized programs targeting Healthy Aging, Stress Reduction, and Weight Loss to cater to individual needs.

Could you briefly present the idea and the vision of Ensana Health Spa Hotels? 

Our mission is to enhance individuals’ well-being in their daily lives. The Ensana concept integrates the therapeutic benefits of natural resources abundant in most of our destinations, such as mineral waters, thermal waters, mud, and peat, along with the natural CO2, with our medical expertise. These locations boast rich reservoirs of these natural healing elements, historically employed for centuries, even millennia, in treating various health conditions. When combined with the knowledge and experience of our medical professionals, they create a really powerful tool to help people feel better, restart and rejuvenate.  

Recognising the scope of our offerings, we’ve embarked on an approach that prioritizes promoting holistic health and embracing a healthy lifestyle. This approach serves as a counterbalance to the demands of our fast-paced lives, providing guests with comprehensive benefits beyond traditional treatment paradigms. 

From your perspective, what do you believe is the primary factor that led jury to honour your programme with the ESPA Innovation Award for the most innovative health spa programme?

It’s the unwavering dedication of our team and our relentless focus on innovation and the development of cutting-edge programmes that cater to the evolving health needs of today’s public. Our bolstered medical team and meticulous attention to data collection and analysis ensure that the impact of our programs is tangible. 

Our latest triumph, the enhanced medical packages, epitomize this approach. They stand as testaments to innovation, each meticulously crafted to elevate our clients’ well-being. These programs revolve around tackling the common challenges of aging, stress management, obesity, and overall health promotion. Beginning with a comprehensive evaluation of our clients, each program is uniquely tailored to precisely address their specific health needs. 

Having successfully launched these offerings in the Czech Republic, we are resolutely committed to expanding their reach to other destinations in the near future. Our pursuit doesn’t end here; we are currently developing more specialized packages aimed at addressing high blood pressure and specific male/female health concerns. 

What does receiving the ESPA Innovation Award mean for your team? 

We are deeply honoured to receive this prestigious award. The news of our recent accolades and awards fills us with immense joy and gratitude. At Ensana, our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation propels us to continuously set new benchmarks in the realm of spa and wellness. 

Foremost among these honours is the ESPA Innovation Award, a testament to our pioneering health enhancement packages. This recognition serves as validation for the unwavering commitment and hard work of our team in crafting programs aimed at genuinely transforming and elevating the health and well-being of our guests. We are genuinely thrilled about the positive impact these programs promise to bring to our customers’ lives. 

What is your outlook on the future of Spa & Health tourism in Europe and in the countries where you are present? Are there areas where you see potential for enhancement and innovation? 

We envision a promising future for our industry, observing a growing trend across Europe where individuals are becoming more proactive in managing their overall health. There’s a widespread realisation that they must take the reins in this process, understanding that no one else will do it for them. With life expectancy on the rise, the imperative to maintain robust health becomes increasingly crucial. 

We firmly assert that prioritizing the prevention of diseases linked to contemporary lifestyles, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, holds immense potential to not only benefit the public but also contribute significantly to the well-being of our aging population. Our new programmes are strategically designed to meet the escalating demand for healthier living, positioning us proudly at the vanguard of this transformative journey towards comprehensive health for all. 

Could you share your future plans and initiatives?  

We’re currently on an exciting journey, seeking out additional destinations to extend the reach of our unique and innovative concepts to a broader audience. Our primary focus remains dedicated to the medical facet of spa services, where we’re actively developing new programs aimed at enhancing the overall health of the population while catering to the specific health needs of diverse target groups.  

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