Interview with Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme, the winner in Innovative Spa hotel category

The Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme in Serbia stands out as an innovative spa hotel, boasting a thermal complex featuring 11 pools—5 indoors and 6 outdoors—filled with healing thermo-mineral water. Additionally, it offers an expansive wet area hosting 12 diverse steam rooms and saunas. Harnessing geothermal potential, solar energy, and employing eco-friendly practices, this establishment sets a remarkable standard for sustainability.

We reached out to Mina Knežević, the Hotel Manager, and asked her a few questions regarding the ESPA Innovation Award.

Could you briefly present the idea and the vision of Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Term?

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme (Vrdnik, Serbia) is part of the largest tourism investment in our country. It offers the largest Wellness and spa, as well as the largest resort and conference center, providing a premium level of guest experience and hotel services. The outstanding surrounding of National Park Fruška Gora, combined with the hotel’s impressive spa and wellness center, a wide range of culinary offerings, and modern interiors, makes Mövenpick Resort & Spa Fruske Terme a true jewel of local hospitality.

The wellness and spa centre offer, with 11 pools with healing thermo-mineral water, 12 types of saunas, steam baths, fitness facilities as well an outdoor area, is carefully designed to meet the highest standards and expectations of spa lovers, and all of those who are going to become ones they visit us. Because of its location, our hotel is the perfect destination for business travelers, couples retreats, friends, and families. We successfully combine Serbian hospitality and international standards, to the great pleasure of all our guests. Our goal is to reach visitors from Europe and around the world and make them remember the outstanding guest experience they will have during their stay with us, to have them come back and recommend us to their friends, family, and colleagues as well.

From your perspective, what do you believe is the primary factor that led the jury to honor your resort with the award for the most innovative spa hotel?

Our company is led by the people with the vision, motivators, and inspirers, who are creating a positive working environment and meaningful hospitality philosophy and because of that, the results had to be noticed and recognized. We believe that the whole concept is unique, the outstanding location in the nature and variety of facilities leaves no one indifferent. We are quite sure that we had strong competitors, so we are even more proud that our resort had that “unique, authentic, and special something” that led us to win the award. We strive on a daily basis to create memorable moments, motivate our team to be innovative, and do everything to make our guests feel special when staying with us.

What does receiving the ESPA Innovation Award mean for your team? 

We are proud that we have received a lot of prestigious awards, but the whole team is more than honored to receive the ESPA Innovation Award 2023 it means a lot to each team member since we are aware of the high criteria that are set for it, as well as jury’s expertise. It got a special place in the showcase with other awards, presentable to our guests, but also to remind daily our team members of the importance of staying consistent with fresh ideas and going the extra mile for every guest and his experience during their stay in the hotel.

What is your outlook on the future of Spa and health tourism in Europe and in your country? Are there areas where you see potential for enhancement and innovation?

Recently, we had a lot of opportunities to hear about disease prevention and well-being in general. People’s fast pace of life is simply looking for the answer on how to relax and recover in a short period. In my opinion, one of the key roles in this process must be done by the spa hotels and that is something that we must work together on. To educate people that visiting spas is one of the ways to stay healthy longer and to refresh themselves using the natural elements that have been given to us and that we are using responsibly. We as the spa hotel have the honor and privilege to help people enjoy themselves and revitalize and we sure feel the inspiration to do more innovative things and meet and exceed the expectations. 

Could you share your resort’s future plans and initiatives?

Vrdnik is a destination that has so much potential, vicinity of two major cities, Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as an international airport, located on the sunny slopes of Fruška Gora mountain, in the national park, and with mineral thermal water. Respecting principles of sustainability, long-term planning, and involving the local society, our company managed to make the destination known worldwide. Together with state authorities, the master plan is created for the whole area, which will enhance the destination offers.  With more options for different kinds of outdoor activities, site visits, and events, tourists will spend more quality time, stay longer, and upgrade their well-being.  

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