Interview with Spa – Preidlhof, winner in Innovative Spa Concept Category

The Hotel Preidlhof GmbH in Italy introduces an innovative spa concept known as “The Preidlhof Way” that provides a comprehensive 360° transformation, engaging guests on physical, energetic, spiritual, psychological, social, and emotional levels. This holistic approach combines preventative and medical health retreats within a sustainable spa complex. Notably, it received certification as a “Quiet Place” last year, acknowledging the serene beauty of its natural surroundings.

We interviewed Patrizia Bortolin, Glowing Flow Wellness Specialist, Spa Concept Designer & Transformational Wellness Coach at Preidlhof Luxury Dolcevita Resort in Italy.

Could you briefly present the idea and the vision of The Preidlhof Way?

“The Preidlhof Way” wellness philosophy is based on my hallmark ‘Glowing Flow Lifestyle’ philosophy and the latest neuroscience studies that describe two types of well-being: hedonic and eudaimonic. The aim is to attain true well-being through a hedonistic approach to the present and a more eudaimonic approach to the past and future.

“The Preidlhof Way,” is a distinctive holiday experience devoted to fostering a harmonious interplay between the hedonic and eudaimonic principles of well-being. By striking a delicate balance between these elements, individuals can embark on a transformative journey, allowing them to regenerate and truly flourish— echoing Aristotle’s complete definition of Well-being.

Hedonic well-being is experienced in the most joyful and hedonistic terms, in beauty and a pleasant external realisation. Eudaimonic well-being is achieved when one confronts one’s past, heals, strives to reach a higher purpose, and shares with the community. In Eudaimonic wellbeing, learning and introspection are valued, and health care and prevention are taken care of.

The “Preidlhof Way” embodies the correct balance between the pillars of “Pleasure & Enjoyment” and “Healing & Value”. For it is here that we discover a more mindful, more meaningful way of life: a life that is authentic and makes us more compassionate to ourselves, to others and to the environment.

From your perspective, what do you believe is the primary factor that led jury to honor your concept with the award for the most innovative spa concept?

The meticulous balance we’ve achieved between hedonic and eudaimonic well-being principles. This innovative blend not only aligns with contemporary neuroscience studies but also reflects a commitment to a holistic and meaningful wellness journey, and one that is importantly sustainable.  Preidlhof has generous facilities and continually invests in the team which is so important.  So too having a consistent holistic approach supported by authentic wellness marketing. 

What does receiving of the ESPA Innovation Award mean for your team? 

We are thrilled to have received this award, it is testament to the team’s strong commitment to holistic health and excellence.   We pride ourselves on maintaining a consistent, highly integrated and innovative approach to sustainable wellness.    

What is your outlook on the future of Spa & Health tourism in Europe and in your country? Are there areas where you see potential for enhancement and innovation?

Today’s travellers aren’t just looking for vacations; they’re seeking authentic, meaningful experiences, for innovative, effective, and sustainable ways to enhance their well-being.  I believe that health and wellness will continue to become more deeply embedded in the overall holiday, tourism and destination discovery experience.  There is also huge potential for innovation in respect to Human Resources and to enhancing the enjoyment and well-being of all those working within the spa industry and wellness tourism. 

Could you share your future plans and initiatives?

Future plans include a commitment to increasing our transformational wellness offering and also the deeper interaction with the destination to enhance the authenticity of the guest experience.  We also plan to redesign the treatment areas at Preidlhof.

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