Interview with St. Constantine and Helena, the winner in Innovative Spa Destination category

St. Constantine and Helena got the first place in the Innovative Spa Destination category at the ESPA Innovation awards 2023. St. Constantine and Helena offers year-round holidays, sea and wellness weekends, sports facilities, rehabilitation, health care and the best restaurants by the sea. A quality destination for modern travellers with a special touch of health

Lyubomir Stamboliyski, Commercial Director Sts. Constantine & Helena Holding JSco

Could you briefly present the idea and the vision of the Sts. Constantine and Helena resort that became a destination?

St. Constantine and Helena is one of the most popular destinations for spa and health tourism in Bulgaria. The idea and vision of the resort is to provide guests with a combination of luxury, relaxation and health. The improved infrastructure in 2023 in the resort gives the feeling of tranquility to the visitors. The resort is located in a natural green area, close to the sea, which provides an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and recovery. In the resort “St. Constantine and Helena” has a variety of hotels, spa centers, fitness facilities, restaurants and opportunities for sports and entertainment. Guests can enjoy relaxing therapies and treatments, take a dip in the outdoor or indoor pools, indulge in sporting activities or enjoy the delicious cuisine and rich cultural programme.

The healing mineral water is the most valuable asset here. Balneotherapy, spa and wellness tourism – the resort offers a wide variety of therapies and programs for rehabilitation, detoxification and stress prevention. It is ideal for holidays in all seasons, for sports, health and beauty care, for improving immunity and the general state of body and mind. The resort is located next to the city of Varna in Bulgaria and is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage. One of the most famous places to visit is the monastery from which the resort takes its name. This monastery is an important part of the cultural heritage of the region and for the founding of the resort as such.

From your perspective, what do you believe is the primary factor that led jury to honor your destination with the award for innovation?

In our opinion, the main factor that led the jury to award our destination with the Innovation Award is our constant commitment to the implementation of innovative approaches and services. We always strive to offer new and unique experiences to our guests by combining traditional spa practices with modern trends and innovations. Our destination excels in integrating new technologies and digital solutions into every aspect of our services. We offer customized programs and apps that help guests enjoy individually tailored treatments and activities. We also continually look for opportunities to improve and innovate in our spas and hotels to ensure the best for our customers, commitment to innovation and a constant drive for development are the keys to an innovative destination.

What does receiving of the ESPA Innovation Award mean for your team? 

ESPA Innovation Award is a huge recognition of our efforts and achievements in the spa and health tourism industry. It is an affirmation of our commitment to introducing innovative approaches and services that exceed our guests’ expectations. The ESPA award motivates us to continue to develop and offer the best opportunities for relaxation, health and well-being to our customers.

What is your outlook on the future of Spa & Health tourism in Europe and in your country? Are there areas where you see potential for enhancement and innovation?

Our forecast for the future of spa and health tourism in Europe and in our country is very encouraging. Spa and health tourism continue to be increasingly popular in times of growing stress and need for relaxation and recovery. We see great potential for growth and development in this area, especially with the growing interest in healthy lifestyles.

Related to this, there are areas where we see potential for improvement and innovation. For example, the integration of new technologies and digital solutions into spa processes can offer more personalised and convenient services for our guests. We are also developing environmentally sustainable approaches and products in the spa sector, which helps us to reduce negative impacts on the environment and create healthier and more environmentally responsible conditions for our customers.

Could you share your resort’s future plans and initiatives?

Going forward, our resort has plans and initiatives that focus on continuously improving our services and offering the best to our guests. We plan to expand our wellness portfolio, as well as offer new and innovative therapies and treatments to suit the different needs and preferences of our customers. We will also invest in the training and development of our staff to ensure high quality service and personalized attention to each guest.

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