Karlovy Vary is renowned, regal – and also obviously relieving and healing

In breathtaking valley cutting deeply into forested hills, dwells a fairy-tale town.

The most famous Czech spa, Karlovy Vary.

Fabulous town houses, impressive buildings of hotels and spa resorts. No matter if you are walking along the colonnades and sipping on the healing water from one of the Karlovy Vary springs or walking along a spa path on forested slopes, you are following in the footsteps of Goethe, Beethoven, Schiller, Wagner and Chopin. Whichever lookout tower you may be viewing the town from, Karlovy Vary will make a great impression on you.

This is so, because Karlovy Vary is a place where time simply does not matter. You will immerse yourself here in blissful tranquility and timelessness, you will breathe the same air as those who came here for treatment hundreds of years before you and in fact you yourself may not be certain which era you have left behind you to get into this enchanting spa.

And yet Karlovy Vary is also a modern town offering vibrant entertainment and providing excellent cultural opportunities. It is a place where you can go on a shopping spree, enjoy peaceful relaxation as well as indulge in some sporting activities and set out to explore several remarkable tourist destinations. To put it simply, Karlovy Vary is superb, unique, renowned, regal – and also obviously relieving and healing.

Natural Healing Resources

Hot mineral springs were known in this piece of land as early as the Middle Ages. Today there are 15 warm mineral springs producing water with properties especially suitable for drinking, bathing and irrigation. They are of a similar composition but owing to the varied temperature and CO2 content their healing effects are quite different.

Main Points of Interests in Karlovy Vary

The town and the surrounding area offer countless opportunities for walks, trips as well as exploring and sightseeing. Most attention will deservedly be captured by the colonnades, mainly the most famous of them all, the Neo-Renaissance Mill Colonnade designed by the distinguished Czech architect Josef Zítek, who also participated in the construction of the National Theatre in Prague. You will also be fascinated by the Art Nouveau Chateau colonnade, a modern Hot Spring colonnade in front of which the powerful Carlsbad thermal spring with a capacity of two thousand litres per minute shoots up into the open area, or the Sadová colonnade, which is hidden under an iron construction.

Medical Conditions Treated in the Spa

It is very well-known that Karlovy Vary springs are beneficial in the treatment of digestive conditions – diseases of the stomach, oesophagus, intestines, gall bladder, liver, and pancreas, along with metabolic disorders – diabetes, obesity, gout, as well as musculoskeletal diseases and even periodontitis. Excellent results have been recorded in treatment of conditions after oncological and neurological diseases.

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