Visit one of the Earth’s hottest countries
Iceland’s volcanic activity is major part of the country’s appeal. It has created its magnificent mountain ranges, dramatic lava fields, countless craters and many other spectacular features. For guests coming to this country seeking relaxation, however, it is the water heated from the fires beneath the earth that make Iceland so special. Iceland is one of the Earth’s hottest countries – with volcanic activity, the country is blessed with a huge range of hot springs and geothermal spas, Spas are part of Iceland’s cultural identity. Bathing in this geothermal water is a unique and rejuvenating experience, and there are many ways you can do it. While heading into out into the nature to find natural springs is great fun, and the many pools around the country are perfect places to unwind and meet new people, it is the geothermal spas that boast the highest forms of luxury.


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