Health resorts on the Dutch seaside are represented by three of the best sea resorts Cadzand and Domburg in the province of Zeeland and the seaside resort Noordwijk
All members joined the Blue Flag campaign (a quality competition between beaches all over the world), the beaches are clean and in the dunes there are Thalasso areas. Many hotels providing accommodation in all categories. The sandy beaches are part of a with wooded countryside, ancient sandy ridges, dunes and the sea. The beaches and dunes area contain many valuable features in terms of wildlife and landscape. The coastline on the Dutch seaside is in total 353 km long. Also in the past the seaside resorts were an important reason to visit some places for healthy reasons. Not only nowadays. In the past about the 19th century all the resorts were famous as true health resorts. Entrepreneurs under constructions from medical doctors were offering healthy holidays for wealthy people. People were taking saltwater bath and cure bathes. After these beginnings more and more accommodations and sanatoriums were built for breaks, cures and recovery. More and more international organisations appreciate the high Dutch standards. In the last years a lot of quality awards are given to sea resorts like Cadzand, Domburg and Noordwijk based on local remedy and offers for healthy lifestyle. The health services are based on international standards and local remedies. Since the last years alle the three resorts are working hard to became an international high qualifitied health destination based on the Thalasso phylosophy. Starting with the official quality water analysis by SGS Institute Fresenius and according the European standards and “Quality Criteria” of the European Spas Association.


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Health resorts
Health resorts on the Dutch seaside are represented by three of the best sea resorts Cadzand and Domburg in the province of Zeeland and Amsterdambeach seaside resort Noordwijk
Natural remedies
A local official medical/balneological report shows the positive effects of bathing in sea water and natural aerosoltherapy. Medical reports are the basis for processing spa and Thalasso programs. In the 19th century the first spa center were built in Domburg, which was international very famous about the treatment of Dr. Mezger.
Special treatments
People all of Europe came to Domburg for rehabilitation and for healthy motives. Also Cadzand and Noordwijk offering health programs for their clients. In those days guests could take sunbaths, air bath, sea bath and take part in sports and activities in the nature. Recently started the international promotion of Thalasso and hydrotherapy.
Other indications
For a long time in the Netherlands the healthy effects of staying on the seaside, healing by natural remedies was forgotten. Nowadays some top destinations decided to renew as international quality spa towns on the seaside focused on health and wellness.


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