Romania boasts around a third (35%) of the thermal and mineral springs in Europe
The 130 balneo treatment facilities belong to accommodation units that give 7,5% of the entire authorized accommodation capacity of Romania. 10% of the balneo and spa hotels are four and five star categories. (source:Institute of the Ministry of Tourism) The diversity of thermal and mineral springs, the therapeutic lakes, muds, the mofettes, natural salt mines, herbal remedies or the areas with ionized air are just a few examples of natural factors that make Romania an exceptional health & spa destination. Peliod with benefits on the health side (eczema, psoriasis, rheumatic, respiratory, etc. as well as on the beauty side (eliminates water retention, cellulite, improves skin aspect, prevents wrinkles). On the Black seaside the Techirghiol mud is used in spa centers for Treatments The mofette is recommended as prophylaxis for people with cardiovascular risk, for those suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol level and is also suitable for smokers and for people who have problems with blood circulation. It is also known that mofette has beneficial effects on potency, being recognized as a good natural aphrodisiac. Mofettes are in Covasna and Harghita area and here the intense ionized air is known for its health effects. Durga Salt Valley treats rheumatic diseases, peripheral circulation and gynecological diseases. Lakes that come from salt massifs such as Sovata (Ursu Lake), Tg. Ocna, Slanic, Ocnele Mari, Cojocna, Ocna Mures. Heterogeneous mineralizing of salt lakes and the water temperature degree explains the heliothermic phenomenon that has therapeutic effect. The deposits of mud in the bottom of the lakes, which enhances the quality of the therapeutic effect as well as the range of spa treatments that can be applied (mud baths, mud wraps and massages). Romania is a blessed country when we think about the natural cure factors that co-exist in here and when it comes to therapeutic lakes, it disposes an impressive number of 3500 lakes, of which 63 % are natural and the rest of 27 % are anthropogenic.


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Health resorts
Romania Balneology Association represents 130 balneo medical treatment facilities, which are situated in 45 balneo climateric resorts and places with their own natural, therapeutic resources.
Natural remedies
Mineral and thermal springs like carbonated waters contain at least 1 g carbon dioxide / liter, formed by dissolving carbon dioxide. Pure carbonated water are very rare as they have a great capacity for dissolving the mineral salts. Mineralwater with the high concentration of sulfur, Iodine waters and Radioactive waters can as well treat certain ailments.
Special treatments
Mofette/healing dry gas: Through the gas baths cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, gynecological and endocrine disorders, and some musculoskeletal disorders – such as the chronic degenerative articular rheumatism are treated.
Other indications
Salt mine like Salina Turda-natural remedy for respiratory diseas and were considered to be a strong cure factor for respiratory ailments, having holistic benefits on the body: strengthens the immunity system, improves digestion, skin regeneration, diminishing the effects of stress.


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