The balneological use of Thermo mineral water has a long tradition in Serbia
The spa tradition dates back to the Roman age. Natural healing factors are: thermal and mineral water, air, gas and mineral mud of confirmed medicinal effect. There are 37 registred thermal spa and health climatic resorts. Most spas have two or more springs or wells often different in mineral composition and/or temperature. Medicinal and wellness spas are important segments in development of tourism in Serbia. Balneo infrastructure (pools, baths,medical and spa wellness equipment, accommodation facilities) has been renewing continuously in order to update and improve the thermal spa offer. Mineral and thermal waters are used mostly to treat rheumatic, neurological, metabolic and respiratory conditions, digestive tract and psycho-somatic diseases, urology, dermatology and vascular conditions. Serbia is recognized in the region of Western Balkans not only for its medical spa treatmens, but also for its medicinal mud treatments and highly trained therapiests.


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Health resorts
Serbian health climatic resorts are very well known for prevention and treatment of: metabolic and respiratory conditions. Serbia is recognize in the region of Western Balkans for its medicinal mud treatments, highly skilled therapiest and physiotherapy methods and treatments.
Natural remedies
Total discharge of thermomineral water is around 700 l/s and the temperature range is from 25 to 96 °C There are variety of mineral and thermal waters such as : hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide,radon,iron,iodine and sodium chloride waters.There is abundance of mineral-organic peloids with sulfar content which are used in treatments of reducing of pain and inflammation
Special treatments
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Other indications
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