Noordwijk Beach in the Netherlands introduces an innovative solution

The municipality of Noordwijk has introduced beach wheelchairs and caterpillars

The municipality of Noordwijk wants everyone to be able to enjoy the 13-kilometre-long sandy beach, including people with disabilities. They want everyone to have the personal and contributing elements to their health and vitality of the seaside resort. Beach chairs are available at five locations on the Noordwijk beach. These beach wheelchairs can be reserved for free. A beach caterpillar is also available. There are concrete slabs on seven beach exits so that a wheelchair or scooter can reach the tide line. Thus, everyone feels welcome on the beach of Noordwijk.

Beach wheelchair

The municipality of Noordwijk has provided beach wheelchairs so that everyone has the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and breathe in the refreshing sea air. Guests can thus have a real Thalasso experience with the influence of health from the sea – optimal well-being for body and mind. That is now possible even for people with reduced mobility. A visitor can push their chair forward while the sturdy caterpillar tracks move through the soft sand without problems. The beach wheelchair is possible thanks to cooperation with entrepreneurs from Noordwijk Beach. 

Beach caterpillar

The same applies to the beach caterpillar, which is already well known. This facility is so popular that extra trips are made in the morning and evening, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the beach fun. The beach caterpillar is managed by the Outdoor4disabled Foundation. Finally, important for a trip to the beach is the presence of a toilet. The ‘high emergency’ app that the municipality has purchased indicates that there is a toilet in the area accessible to the disabled. More and more organizations and (catering) companies are joining this app. Thalasso, power by the sea is for everyone!

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