Preventing diseases is just as important, if not more important, than treating them. Use of natural resources like mineral water, peloids, and the sea and climate has a long history of success in preventing and treating different diseases.

The European Spas Association appeals to the importance of prevention to prepare our immune system for a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Our immune system is the only thing that can protect us from extinction. It is universal, able to adapt to any new germs, and reliable if we take care of it. Balneology, the medical practice that uses healing water, offers treatments for chronic diseases, detoxification, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, relaxation, and lifestyle changes to help repair and maintain a healthy immune system. By taking care of our immune system through balneology and natural remedies, we can ensure our survival during pandemics.

Do you know the difference between health promotion and health prevention?

Prevention pertains to medical action that deals with the individual or risk groups, as well as the observance of physical health. In contrast, health promotion is concerned with the whole population and its daily life and not only selected individuals or groups.

Watch an informative video from a presentation by Claude Eugéne Bouvier to find out more about health prevention.

Types of prevention

Primordial prevention

aims to prevent the occurrence of the risk factors themselves by optimizing lifestyles

Primary prevention

refers to actions that avoid the manifestation of a disease

Secondary prevention

associated with early detection of a disease which may result in improved chances for positive health outcomes

Tertiary prevention

associated with services that promote better quality of life