Slovak Spa Association wins ITB Medical Tourism Award 2022

The first fully paid for and approved by the Ministry of Health Corona recovery concept in medical spas and health resorts in Europe: The well-aimed work of the Slovak Spas Association and health resorts are a good example for all EuropeanSpas. This efforts, development and implementation in health tourism in connection with the national health system, also in financial terms, is exemplary in Europe. Also mental health prevention programs have been launched in the past year, particularly for people at risk for chronic stress leading to burnout.

The complexity of developing new health programs in Slovakia, training of professionals, following the medical results by research and thus also convincing decision-makers from health insurance companies and the Ministry of Health is a good example for everyone involved in health tourism.
Treatments in medical #spas that help reduce the suffering of long-term and #postcovid #longcovid patients and even mitigate the risk factors that lead to serious health problems such as: #obesity #prevention and spine schools and many health educational programs.

CONGRATULATIONS to #SLOVAK Spas for the ITB Medical destination Award 2022!!!

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