Terme Sveti Martin

Terme Sveti Martin - The First Healthness Resort in Europe - a unique and holistic oasis of peace, quiet, and health in the north of Croatia, located in the middle of the untouched nature and greenery of the hilly Međimurje region, in a place where tradition, culture, and history, homemade, healthy and local, active, relaxing and innovative meet, intertwine and create a one-of-a-kind vacation. 3 BEST PRODUCTS 1. Wellness relaxation – Indoor thermal pool complex The Temple of Life including the thermal-mineral water older than 43000 years, a Wellness centre with handmade beauty products, a World of Saunas with different areas for complete relaxation, and a unique Healthness center with Body Vitality Scan and frequency medicine, Cannabinoid therapies, as well as natural phytotherapy products. 2. Healthy and local gastronomy – Healthy, rich, and diverse gastronomy in the 7 restaurants at the resort which offer meals made with ingredients of biodynamic (produced according to the strictest organic production rules) and organic origin, which are produced locally. 3. Active vacation – Numerous recreational and professional athletes facilities, as well as those who want to always be on the move or relax (yoga and meditation classes, trekking, bike tours and bike rentals, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, handball, sports courts, and a sports hall with a gym, hotel fitness gym, trim trails, golf, and disc golf courses).

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