Spotlight on Slovenia’s health tourism on ITB Berlin’s closing day

On the closing day of ITB Berlin, Slovenia stands in the spotlight for receiving the esteemed ITB Medical & Health Tourism Award, presented to the Slovenian Tourist Board and Slovenian Spas Association. This accolade celebrates advancements in promoting and nurturing medical tourism. Additionally, Miren Kras earned a coveted spot on the prestigious Green Destinations Top 100 Stories list, further highlighting Slovenia’s commitment to sustainability.

The Slovenian Tourist Board has been honoured as the recipient of the prestigious ITB Medical & Health Tourism Award for 2024. This esteemed accolade serves to recognize and celebrate exceptional achievements within the medical tourism. The ceremony took place on Wednesday, March 6, at ITB Berlin.

Year after year, a panel of esteemed professionals in the field of health tourism meticulously selects a destination, region, or association that has demonstrated remarkable efforts and accomplishments. In the rationale for 2024, Slovenia’s recent strides in developing sustainable tourism products, especially in the realms of healthy cuisine and health tourism, were underscored. These endeavours have been systematically guided and supported by the Slovenian Tourist Board for many years.

This award solidifies Slovenia’s prominent position on the global map as a premier destination for health tourism and well-being, a status to which the STB significantly has contributed through its multifaceted efforts for many years. From promotional and communication endeavours to spearheading the promotion and advancement of sustainable tourism practices, alongside fostering close cooperation with stakeholders and esteemed international institutions, the STB has played a pivotal role. Last year, spa municipalities accounted for a fifth of all tourist overnight stays in the country.


Iztok Altbauer, Chair of the Association of Slovenian Natural Spas, underscored: “The award is a testament to the remarkable international acclaim achieved by Slovenian thermal and spa tourism. Over 15 years of dedicated efforts in development, quality enhancement, promotion, and, notably, the visibility of Slovenian natural spas as a paramount ‘health and well-being’ offer, have culminated in the highest honour at the ITB in Berlin. This esteemed event gathers the global elite of the tourism industry, all of whom have recognized the significance and value of one of Slovenia’s premier tourism products. Thus, this award also serves as affirmation of the exceptional cooperation and endeavours of those involved in crafting the thermal and health product alongside the Slovenian Tourist Board.”


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